UMIP - Mobile IPv6 and NEMO for Linux

UMIP is an open source implementation of Mobile IPv6 and NEMO Basic Support for Linux. It is released under the GPLv2 license. It supports the following IETF RFC: RFC6275 (Mobile IPv6), RFC3963 (NEMO), RFC3776 and RFC4877 (IPsec and IKEv2).


Latest news on UMIP (you can get the complete history here):


Debian packages

Debian packages are available for UMIP. Check our Debian repository page for more information.

Source code

Our source code is maintained usit git and is available here. The currently maintained repositories are:

Other (currently unmaintained) repositories are:

The documentation section below provides all the necessary resources to use these repositories.


A number of features (PMIPv6, MCoA, DSMIPv6, FMIPv6) have also been contributed to UMIP but not yet integrated to our repositories. See our contribution page for more information and resources about these contributions.

We actively look for contributors. In case you are interested to participate UMIP maintainancy, feel free to subscribe to the users(at) mailing list or to contact us at contact(at)


All the necessary documentations to use our source repositories, install and configure UMIP, or setup your own TAHI unit tests, are available on our documentation page.

Mailing lists

You can get support by subscribing to the users(at) mailing list. Feel free to describe your problems, report bugs or send patches on this mailing list. You can check the archives of this ML here.


The code available on is based on the original UMIP 0.4 release from the USAGI website. Compared to UMIP 0.4, the releases proposed on integrates the NEMO Basic Support protocol, support for recent kernels, new features, bugfixes and code simplifications.